Core Values

Our Mission

    • To strive for global excellence in providing software services to the global market.
    • To distinguish ourselves through listening, learning and understanding client challenges.
    • To convert ideas into opportunity through software development and consulting.
    • To provide services that are attractive and fair to our customers and earn their loyalty while also providing value to our shareholders
    • To create a workplace that protects worker health and safety with due respect for the environment, and promote an atmosphere to grow employee learning and opportunity in a way that is fulfilling, recognized and fairly rewarded

Our Vision

    • To grow through collaborative learning, creative and professional human resources and the latest technology.
    • To be the best at what we do, to show respect towards all people we interact with and to promote excellence in our surroundings.

Our Core Values

Our non-negotiable and timeless core values are ‘Integrity. Teamwork. Learning.’


    • We treat people with respect, fairness, honesty, patience, understanding and trust
    • We are a financially responsible corporate citizen committed to the health and safety of people and the environment
    • We practice high ethical and professional standards
    • We are committed to achieving common goals through teamwork
    • We collaborate, listen and share information within Grantsforce and with our clients
    • We consistently present a total corporate image
    • We facilitate and acknowledge personal and professional growth
    • We strive to achieve excellence through innovation and continuous improvement
    •  We learn from our successes and failures