Corporate Training

Center of Excellence – Customized Training


We believe that any amount of training you invest in your employees demonstrates the confidence you have in them and the value you place on their future with your company.

Our consultants work with you to provide just-in-time, comprehensive business learning solutions for your organization. We focus on group training courses that fill in knowledge gaps and smooth the way towards organizational growth. Our training categories below feature a sample of the courses that we can bring to your site and adapt to your employees’ needs and schedules.

Build Your Own Training

How do you start?

  1. Simply tell us your basic needs by filling out the inquiry form.
  2. Our staff will then set up an appointment with you to discuss what you want to achieve.
  3. Then, we’ll build a customized training package just for you, delivered to your employees where you want it, when you want it. Plus, we’ll provide everything you will need, including the training materials and instructors.

Pre-Designed Training Courses

Course – Peoplesoft Grants

  • Module 1 – Peoplesoft Grants – Overview
  • Module 2 – Peoplesoft Grants - Pre Award
  • Module 3 – Peoplesoft Grants – Post Award Setup
  • Module 4 – Peoplesoft Grants – Cost Collection
  • Module 5 – Peoplesoft Grants – Billing & Revenue
  • Module 6 – Peoplesoft Grants – Receivables
  • Module 7 – Peoplesoft Grants – Reporting

Course – Peoplesoft Reporting

  • Module 1 – Peoplesoft Query – Overview
  • Module 2 – Peoplesoft Query – Level 1
  • Module 3 – Peoplesoft Query – Level 2